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Dr. Caballero


  • Doctor in Dental Surgery – University of Miami Hospital General Practice Residency

Dr. Zerquis


  • Doctor in Dental Surgery – University of Miami Hospital General Practice Residency
  • Doctor in Dental Surgery – University of Havana

Dr. Drubi


  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
  • Bachelors in Health Science – University of Florida

Dr. Escalona


  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry – University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Dr. Tadros


  • Nova Southeastern University College Of Dental Medicine

Our Office Locations

Miami Location:

2260 SW 8th St, #201, Miami, FL, 33135

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North Miami Beach Location:

18140 NE 19th Ave. North Miami Beach, FL, 33162

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Coconut Creek Location:

5359 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Office Hours: M-F: 9 AM – 6 PM

Our Fees

Dental Implants

$ 1890 Per Implant and Crown
  • Included With Treatment:
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Panoramic Radiograph
  • Free Night Guard
  • 10 Year Guarantee on Treatment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Included in Your Special

  • Initial Consultation – Our Doctor will perform a full examination and a treatment plan will be created. We do not believe in selling tactics, so the exam is done free of charge and with no obligations. During the initial consultation, patients are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to make sure they have a perfect understanding of the treatment necessary.  
  • Transparent Pricing – We create a treatment plan and show you the complete price right away. We do not believe in hidden fees. When our office manager presents the treatment plan with the fees, everything is printed in paper and a copy is given to each patient to make sure they know what they are being charged. 
  • Payment Options – We understand the value of a perfect smile and proper dental function. We also understand that Dental Implants can be a big investment so we make sure we do our best to help our patients with payment options. We work with third parties such as CareCredit and LendingPoint which allow patients to make small monthly payments with no down payment. We also do in-house financing tailored to each patient which usually requires some type of small down payment. Our manager will work with you to make sure she creates the right payment plan that fits your needs. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – When we say satisfaction guaranteed, we mean it! What that means is that we will work until you are satisfied with the results. Our goal is to make sure we do the best job possible so that you are completely satisfied at the end of your treatment. 
  • Our Promise – To treat every patient with respect and put their oral health needs above all. We are in this profession not only to better smiles and dental function, but also to make sure people have good oral health. We care about our patients and promise to treat them as family. 

Limited Time Offer

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and receive free professional whitening ($400 value) after Implant treatment

Testimonials From Our Google Reviews From Our Patients

My mom referred me to drubi dental because she said they treat her like family. I went there because I’ve had very bad experiences in the past. Everyone is very kind, and the work they did was impeccable. I’m very impressed, and grateful I chose to do dental work there.
— Jennifer Z.
Google Review
Everything was excellent. The office is beautiful. The staff are very nice and professional. Dr. Drubi was very attentive and staff was very attentive. Would recommend to everyone.”
— Maricelle D.
Google Review
Very happy with the service I received! The staff is very helpful and kind! I would definitely recommend to family & friends! They also have affordable prices!"
—Lianet C.
Google Review
Great place ,super clean, good prices and the doctor is Super nice and helpful with anything you need help with
— Concepcion D.
Google Review
Excellent service.
I wanted a second opinion regarding a treatment plan I had been given. Dr Drubi was able to see me on short notice and showed me clearly that the treatment was not accurate and why. The consultation was exhaustive and very transparent. Everything was clearly explained.
Had I not come here and I would have gotten dental work that was unnecessary and I would have had some issues that needed to be fixed completely unaddressed.

Highly recommend it.
— Claudio V.
Google Review
I highly recommend Dr Drubi’s dental practice. They are professional, accommodating and maintain a pleasant armosphere.
— Jolanta C.
Google Review
The staff Is wonderful and very nice.
Good experience and it was my first time there, I will definitely be coming back!
— Val F.
Google Review
Loved my experience at this dental office! The staff members were very sweet and professional. Excited to comeback for my next cleaning and definitely would recommend it to friends and family!
— Megan H.
Google Review
"Dr Drubri and staff deserve every bit of a 5. Actually a 10. Dr Drubi was professional, listen to what my needs and concerns were. After exam he gave me a list of things to consider down the road with very conservative prices. No pressure, no high bill. I googled him an liked what I saw. I took my chances. I found a gem. His prices are so affordable considering the affluent area of his location. I had my teeth whitened. His staff so professional and considerate of your comfort with a smile. My teeth are so so gorgeous and such a reasonable price.
— Deborah F.
Google Review
"Muy buen servicio,me acaban de sacar la muela del juicio y ni sentí ninguna molestia!!!!100%recomendable"
— Maria M.
Google Review

Learn About Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the golden standard to replace missing teeth. It is by far the best option to restore missing teeth and regain function and aesthetics. A dental implant mimics the form, function, and aesthetics of a natural tooth. Once a tooth is missing, a dental implant may be used to replace it.

Missing teeth can be detrimental to a persons health and self- esteem. Implants are the golden standard to replaced missing teeth. Innovative techniques now allow patients to receive implants that work better and last longer. Investing in dental implants is not only investing in aesthetics but also investing in one’s health and well being. 

Components of Dental Implants

3 Components of Dental Implants:

Screw: This is the part of the implant that is inserted into the bone

Abutment: The connector. This part connects the the screw to the dental crown

Crown: This is the part of the implant that sits on top and we can see. Mimics a natural tooth. 

Frequently asked questions about Dental Implants

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw placed in the bone with a crown attached on top which mimics a natural tooth. 

How long do Dental Implants last?

Dental Implants last an average of 25 years. With proper surgical techniques by the doctor and proper hygiene and maintenance by patients, dental implants should last a lifetime. 

How much are Dental Implants?

Dental implants pricing varies depending on the dental pracice and doctor. The 3 components of dental implants can be priced separately or together, allowing for a discount. The average price of the screw is $1200. The average price of the abutment is $800. The average price of the implant crown is $1300. By paying for the whole 3 implant parts together, we give patients a discount which allows them to receive implants and better their oral health. 

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

In most cases, patients can receive dental implant treatment without prior preparation or surgeries. In some instances, patients may need bone augmentation or sinus lifts. During your initial consultation, the doctor will decide if sufficient bone is present or if additional bone needs to be added prior to placing the implants. Implants placed on the top back part of the mouth sometimes require lifting of the maxillary sinus to allow enough space to place the implants. Bone augmentation and sinus lifts are additional procedures to implant placement and are priced separately. 

What is the time line of the procedure?

The first part of the 3 part procedure is placing the screw. After this procedure is done, patients will wait about 6 months to receive the crown on top of the screw. In some instances where bone is abundant, as little as 2 weeks may be enough of a wait to receive the crown. 

What is the procedure like?

There are 3 procedures. The first appointment, the screw is placed which takes about 45 minutes. After 6 months, the second part is placing the abutment and taking an impression which is sent to the lab for fabrication of the crown. This takes about 20 minutes to do. Once the crown comes back from the lab after about 2 weeks, the crown is placed on top of the tooth. This third procedures takes about 20 minutes.  

Sample Case


Patient came in with a fractured and broken down lateral tooth #7. Patient was very anxious and nervous about the process and cost of the procedure. Upon clinical and radiographic examination of the fractured tooth, it was determined that an extraction and implant placement with temporary crown was the ideal treatment. Patient was satisfied with the treatment plan and eager to get the procedure done. Patient was no longer scared or anxious.

In the image above, we can see the site where the broken tooth was extracted. Very minor bleeding was present.

In the image above, the implant has been placed and the temporary crown is being tried in. The temporary placement of the crown is done for aesthetic purposes on the same day of the implant placement. 

In the image above, The temporary crown has been placed and adjusted. Patient will have this crown until the Implant is strong enough to hold the final crown. 

Why Choose Drubi Dental?

Honesty: Our philosophy is to treat our patients with honesty and transparency. We are in the business of providing oral health and creating beautiful smiles. We believe that the best way to succeed as an office is by being honest with our patients and always letting the patient know and understand their treatment. We know that patients value honesty. We are proud to be health care providers who always treatment plan in the best interest of the patient. 

Team: We believe that it takes a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to provide the highest quality of care. That is why at Drubi Dental, our team is made up of caring and compassionate individuals with years of experience.

Fees: We have some of the lowest fees in the nation. We understand dental work can be very expensive and we work hard at lowering our prices to meet patient’s needs and expectations. We do a great job at creating treatment plans that allow us to lower the price of each procedure. 

Time: We understand how valuable your time is and that is why we strive in making your appointment as effective as possible. Patients do not usually wait in the waiting room unless an emergency arises. Our doctor is also on call 7 days a week in case of emergencies. 

Certified Specialists: When you are a patient at Drubi Dental, you can rely on the fact that our team is certified in everything we do. Each individual has gone through extensive training in their area and has the right amount of experience to provide top quality care. 

Initial Appointment

Now that you know more about us and what we stand for, take the next step and find out how we can help you achieve outstanding oral health and a beautiful smile. Here is what you can expect during your first visit with us:

  • Meet Dr. Drubi and the staff
  • Tour the office
  • Take X-rays to help in your diagnosis
  • Receive a complete oral examination including an oral cancer screening
  • Have a face to face sit down with Dr. Drubi to learn all your findings
  • Sit down with our hygienist to review your oral hygiene 
  • Formulate a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve total oral health
  • Ask the Doctor, Hygienist, and office manager any questions or concerns
  • Meet with the office manager to formulate a payment plan that fits you!
  • In most cases, same day treatment is recommended or required 
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