Root canals

Root canal is a process in which the nerves found in the canals of the root of the tooth are removed. The canals are then shaped, and a new material inserted to keep the canals sealed. The reason to perform a root canal is usually due to severe decay or fractures extending and affecting the nerve of the tooth. Some teeth have only 1 canal in their root while other teeth towards the back of the mouth tend to have 3 canals and more. Root canal is the last resort when it comes to saving and keeping your natural teeth. It is always better to keep your natural teeth if possible, than to extract and place implants. Once a tooth has received root canal therapy, the dentist will decide whether a crown should be placed on the tooth if too much tooth structure has been lost.

What are the causes why I need a root canal?

  • Severe decay or fracture extending to the nerve

  • An infection found in the apex of the root

  • Pain which does not subside with other procedures


Prices for root canals vary depending on the location of the tooth. Teeth towards the back of the mouth have more roots and more canals. These teeth are more complicated to treat and the procedure lasts longer. Teeth towards the front of the mouth have usually 1 or 2 canals and they are easier to treat. For these reasons, back teeth cost more than anterior teeth. 

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