A filling may be done in order to eliminate decay from a tooth or to repair a chipped or fractured tooth. When decay is present, it is first taken out and then replaced with the new white composite material which matches the same color as the tooth. Fillings may also be done to repair a small fracture or chip. In these cases, the tooth is first prepared to increase retention and then filled.

Fillings are classified according to the surface or surfaces of the tooth decayed or broken. Fillings can range from small 1 surface fillings to more extensive 3 to 4 surface fillings. Our office utilizes white composite material for all fillings. The doctor will find out the correct shade color of the tooth in order to make the filling blend in with the natural tooth.


Fillings range from small 1 surface which are usually easier and faster to do. Bigger more complicated fillings take longer to restore and are usually priced higher. The pricing for fillings depends on the severity of the decay and the amount of surfaces involved in restoring the tooth. Fillings start at $99 and up. 

Sample Case

Patient came in with a chipped front tooth. These types of cases are usually related to sports or other kinds of traumatic injuries. Patient opted for a filling. Patient mentioned that he could not walk around with a fractured tooth and he needed it fixed right away. In a case like this one, our office will always try to help the patient and fit them into the schedule as soon as possible. 

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