Teeth Whitening – Miami and North Miami Beach, FL

Professional whitening done in the office is the most effective way to whiten your teeth and achieve your desired smile. Over the counter products and toothpaste can only work so much and are not always safe. In-office whitening utilizes several tools which make the process safer and more effective. Some of these tools include gum protection paste, retraction and isolation barriers, and proper techniques and supervision. With in-office whitening, teeth can become 5 to 10 shades whiter with a single visit. 


In-office Whitening


  1. Shade selection

  2. Cleansing and polishing to remove any debris

  3. Application of gum protectant

  4. Application of whitening agent

  5. Light activation is done in cycles of 8 minutes

  6. Teeth and gums are rinsed


Post-procedure Care

Things to avoid:

  • Tobacco products

  • Coffee and tea

  • Red wine

  • Food coloring

  • Any bright-colored drinks

Sample Case 1

This is a young female patient who wanted a whiter smile. Patient felt that her teeth were a bit discolored. Patient first identified her current shade color. After that, she chose what color she wanted to achieve. After analyzing how many shades lighter she wanted her teeth, we were able to decipher how many rounds of light activation she needed. In her case, after only 2 8-minute rounds of light activation, she achieved her ideal smile


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