Dental Tooth Extractions – Miami and North Miami Beach, FL

Extraction is the treatment choice when teeth are unsalvageable. Our dentists will do everything in their power to save natural teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. When teeth have excessive decay or have fractured beyond repair, they need to come out. There are different extractions depending on the type of teeth and their position within the oral cavity. All extractions are considered surgery. Our doctors make this experience painless.


Do I need my tooth extracted?

The dentists will have to perform an exam and radiographs in order to determine whether a tooth needs to be extracted. If too much decay exists or there has been severe bone loss, then an extraction may be indicated.

What should I expect during an extraction procedure?

Our dentists use local anesthetics before extractions are performed, making this experience more tolerable to the patient. It is clear that getting a tooth taken out is not fun, but new technology and techniques make this experience much better than in the past.

How long is the healing process?

The healing process is something that varies according to the type of extraction, the degree of decay, the patient, and degree of difficulty of the extraction. An extraction that is simple and straight forward may take only a couple days to heal. Other more difficult extractions, like the removal of impacted wisdom teeth or severely decayed teeth, may take longer to heal. Our staff does a fantastic job at explaining the post- operative instructions and making sure patients take care of the extraction areas.

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